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File Number issues with Hosting? – Check our Amazon!

We have 4 servers hosting our websites and client websites and we constantly run into issues with number of files. For those who fall for the unlimited **Everything**, read the fine line – it is not true!

So since we spent a lot of frustrated days over this dilemma. I had to find a solution. I looked at hosting at amazon but WP installation on amazon is not an easy integration, yet alone getting it setup. Sure you can hire someone who can get this done for you and then spend the time and energy to schedule dates and times to MOVE the websites without impacting clients!

So I hope this blog helps someone out there that may be going through that frustration and offer a solution! As I was scouring the internet for solutions and researching options to MOVE the servers or find a new hosting – I realized I can probably offload the images and documents, basically all the media to Amazon! I already had amazon I was using for personal backup but why not use it for web assets? and quess what.. Amazon has a plug in that not only allows you to do this, but the pro version will take all your current assets and automatically upload them to amazon AND change all the links and update your website! I was dancing in my chair as I read the features! This was it! Not only does it take all your assets but you can also have it host your css and javascripts to make your site FASTER!  It also has other Plugins and add-ons such as WooCommerce  and EDD.

Here are the 2 videos that can help you check out the features:

Free Version

And this is the PRO Version


So here is what you need:


I hope this post helps someone out there. And if you have had days like we have, where clients are wondering what is happening and your websites start to behave with issues and error out – Take a deep breath and Check out AMAZON!

Make it a Great Day!