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The Real Estate Agent’s Guide To Successful Online Advertising

Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself believing that a failed real estate online advertising campaign means online advertising doesn’t actually work for agents.

Let’s face it – if you are an agent and you are here, you already know you have too much on your plate! By the time you learn the basics of real estate, contracts, state requirements, taking care of your existing customers, setting up your marketing channels and social media sites.. and oh, don’t forget the monthly fees for all sorts of things like websites, systems, crm you have little left to master the online marketing arena!

As a former agent, I can tell you that you need effective marketing. I don’t mean just one channel but a multi-channel marketing campaign.  You may be here thinking you can generate better leads than or or; basically the big gorillas of the Real Estate Industry.  You may be wondering if paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per month is worth the investment with no guarantee. Then the fact that even if you paid it.. they are just leads, you still have to battle other agents, call the leads and convince them out of the 50 agents that called them, you are the one they should select! Most of those home buyers and sellers are unaware of how the system works and wonder why after inquiring about 5 homes, they received 20 calls from different agents all offering the same service!


But for those who want to learn about marketing and think they can do just as good of a job as an advertising expert, read on. For effective marketing, you need to know the big Online Secret Formula!

Online Secret Formula = Capture the “Right” leads at the right time with the right offer!

Now if you can figure out who you are going to target and what offers you will put together and when you will advertise and where, then you have the following steps to master:

Top of Funnel is where you are going to be getting your leads – Middle of Funnel is when you are going to capture them and end of funnel is when they become your client.  In real estate – you also have another funnel where the client runs through a process of finding & buying a home. So I like to call it a funnel and a pipeline..

  • Keyword Search – the more specific the better
  • Market channel – where you will advertise Google, FB, Bing, Yahoo etc – each with it’s own learnign curve.
  • Market Search
  • Competition Analysis
  • Ad & Landing Page Design ( optional skills or HMTL & CSS)
  • Ad Placement – type of ad you will create
  • Lead Capture Page – how are you going to capture the information from the leads
  • Offer creation ( graphics, content)
  • Call To Action – what action will they have to take.
  • CRM to capture the leads and
  • High converting Campaigns ( Create, implement and integrate)
  • Tracking – understand what stats you need to monitor, for how long
  • Split Testing for more effectiveness –
  • Convert the client via Phone calls and more…
  • Analyzing….

This list is just a highlight of some of the steps…

You can do this on your own if you chose but don’t fool yourself into thinking you are going to be able to spend the time learning all of this marketing AND have a screaming real estate business because you have limited Time! If you look around most successful real estate agents have a TEAM – team of agents that specialize in different areas, marketing department, they may even have an ISA – Inside Sales Agent whose job is to make calls all day and follow up. If you do what you are good at, assuming you know what that is and how it relates to Real Estate business, then you can either find partners or specialists that can give you the tools, systems to make it out there unlike 90% of agents who lose money and end their real estate career within 3-5 years.

I chose to focus on marketing because I experienced the pain,  know the frustrations.  It is also the reason why I chose to offer the specific services that help the agents.  Check out our services and see which one will fit your needs. We are truly focused on your success and work with you specifically in your local market, specific target market and goals. Give me a call and let’s see if we can help you before you spend all your time, effort, money in marketing that may not work.