How To Set-Up Auto Blogs in Wordpress

How To Set-up Auto-Blogging To WordPress

If you have a blog on your website, then you probably need blog contents publish in consistent basis. Managing and creating content of your site is a tedious process that requires great amount of time and content materials. The great thing is there are solutions to automate the process – Auto-Blogging. We can automate this process by using an RSS feeder to your site.

If your site is built using wordpress platform, then you will need an autoblogging plugin installed.

What Autoblogging Wp-Plugin To Use?

WPeMatico is a very easy to use autoblogging plugin. Organized into campaigns, it publishes blog content to your site automatically from the RSS/Atom feeds of your site choice.

What is an RSS Feed

A RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a XML-based format for your content. Most blogging platforms, for example, will have an RSS feed built in. Whenever you start publishing posts, your latest posts will be updated in the RSS feed.

Each site have an RSS feed which gives you lots of options when it comes to distributing your content with your audience and beyond.

You can auto publish blog contents to your site by getting it from the sites of your choice using the rss feed. You need to identify their rss feed url as this is what you need together with the autoblogging plugin; wpematico to do this.

How To Set-up Autoblogging using Wpematico Plugin in WordPress

First, login to your wordpress site dashboard.

Go to PLUGIN > Add New Plugin. Search Wpematico. Then install the WPemMatico RSS feed fetcher plugn.

After you installed the plugin, go to the WpeMatico setting. Click ADD new to start creating a campaign; importing or publishing content from other sites to your site.

Here is an example How to set-up a campaign. Auto publish Blog contents from Keeping Current Matters.

Set the status of the campain to PUBLISHED if you want the blogs to published automatically.

Assign the POST type to POST.

Set campaign categories. Just check the box of Add auto categories if you want to auto assign categories to the blogs.

Set campaign tags. Input the tags you want to auto add to the blogs.

Adding The Rss Feed Url of the site you want to copy the blogs. Just input the site rss feed url and click add feed button.

Here is Keeping Current Matters Rss Feed Url –

First of all, let’s look at the various ways you could (and should) be using your blog’s RSS feed on your blog itself.