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How To Generate Google Analytics Report For Landing Pages

Logging in To Google Analytics Account

To log into your Google Analytics account, go to and click on the Access Analytics button to sign in. If you are using your own Google Analytics account, then log in using your own email / username and password.

Where is the Landing Pages Report?

First thing’s first, where can you find the report?  You can access the Landing Pages report by clicking the following :

Behavior  >  Site Content  >  All Pages > Landing Pages

You can view all Site Pages of your site by PAGE TITLE or PAGE urls. To view a certain Landing Page by Page Title set the Primary Dimension To Page Title as highlighted below.

To check the analytics data of specific page or landing pages on the site just click the page you want to data analyze.

What Does the Landing Pages Report Show?

As soon as you open the report, you’ll see the most popular landing pages on your website, arranged by number of visitors that have landed on each page over the specified time period. 

In addition to visits, the Landing Pages report shows us a bunch of useful data, including:

  • Pages/Visit: The number of pages that a user visits after landing on the initial page.  The higher the number, the more engagement your landing page is promoting.
  • Avg. Visit Duration: The average length of time a visitor stays on your website.  This number isn’t entirely accurate for a few reasons, but can be useful as a way of comparing page performance relative to other pages.
  • % New Visits: The percentage of visitors that have not previously visited your website.
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of users that arrive on your landing page and leave your website without viewing any additional pages.  A lower bounce rate is generally the goal.

As you can see below, here is the analytics data of a Landing Page – Property Listing Page data report set to custom date : June 7 to June 13. You can change here the date range of data you want to analyze.

More to visits, the Landing Page Reports show us a bunch of more useful data and dimensions. Just click the Secondary Dimensions and it will load more dimensions to analyze ; Acquisition, Advertising, Behavior, Social Traffic, Time and Audience.

Why Use the Landing Pages Report?

You can use the Landing Pages report to help your organization answer a variety of questions about the performance of your website and marketing campaigns.

How To Generate / Export Analytics Report For Landing Pages

To generate and export analytics data. First you have to set the date range you want to analyze. You can set a custom date, view data by last week, last month or year. You also have the option to compare data from previous months or date ranges you want to analyze.

To generate and export the report, Click the EXPORT tab. Here you will have options on how you want the report generated. You can export the data into a PDF file, excel or csv.

Generate Reports Automatically

There is also an option to generate reports automatically. You can generate and set an automatic reports send to your email or to your clients emails. To set this, just click the SHARE TAB.

Input the email /emails you want to send the report. Have a clear email Subject line and Description of the reports, so upon receiving them in email you will or they know right away what the report is all about. You can set the frequency of automating the report . You have an option if you want to receive by daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.