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1613 Chickasaw Pl NE Leesburg, VA

Jeff Lubell
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Update videos & links  

10/29 - Update

We have provided the links below for your information to outline what is happening in the market currently. We also outlined pros and cons of listing your home in Fall/Winter months as well as some options for marketing. 

These have the criteria of $550-$610K Price Range for Detached Homes

All Available Detached Homes in Leesburg as of today 
(10 out of 11 are in 20176 zipcode)

6 Under Contract since 9/1/2018-Today  for 20176 Zipcode

6 SOLDS From 9/1/2018- Today = 20176 Zipcode

10 SOLDS From 9/1/2018- Today  all of Leesburg

13 Under Contract since 9/1/2018- Today  all of Leesburg

Listing Your Home During Fall / Winter Months


1. Curb appeal is limited: In the dark, dreary winter months, it’s a challenge to show off a home’s exterior, especially landscaping.

2. Some home flaws are more apparent: Since leaves are down, the views of the home may not be the best vs in Spring. People may see more into their neighbors, streets, power lines etc.

3. Less Buyers:  Usually there are less buyers shopping in the Winter months even though during Fall we do see a good spike in purchases and call this our second Spring, as we head to holiday season # of buyers decrease – but quality of buyers may be better as noted above.

4. Lowball offers - Buyers may think Sellers are desperate to sell their homes vs waiting till Spring so you may get lowball offers. We also notice more

5. Investors look for Deals: Investors look for “Winter Bargains” during this time.


1. Less seller competition: With fewer homes on the market in winter, there’s less competition from other sellers, and a limited inventory for buyers.

  • Right now in all of Leesburg, there are 11 homes available in the price range of 550-610K. Some of these may be taken off during Winter season – leaving less homes to pick from for the potential buyers. See links above
  • During Spring last year ( Detached homes listed 3/1/2018-5/30/2018) we had 56 Detached Homes with Price Range of 550-610.
  • During Spring we will see more homes and competition.

2. Motivated buyers: While more buyers are looking in the spring and summer months, the buyers actively shopping for a new home in the winter are likely very motivated — often moving because of a job relocation, change in financial situation, or change in family needs.

  • 4  Detached Homes went under contract Sept1 - Oct1( Last month) in Leesburg between $550-610K -  2 of those homes were in  20176
  • These will probably be SOLD or SETTLED in a month or two.
  •  6 Homes SOLD or Settled in Leesburg

3. More time off work: People tend to take time off work during the winter, and three-day weekends like MLK Day and Presidents Day can be popular home shopping days. As a seller, it also means more options for showings and open houses!

4. Tax benefits: Buyers looking to purchase homes before the end of the year for tax purposes find December listings ideal

5. Market & Interest Rate Trends: Buyers looking to purchase homes before the next interest rate hike is passed may want to move into a home. We also find some buyer prefer not having to compete in Spring.


“Here are predictions about where the average rate for 30-year fixed mortgages is headed in the near future:

The Mortgage Bankers Association predicts it will rise to 4.8 percent by the end of 2018.

Freddie Mac expects it to average 4.6 percent for 2018 and jump to an average of 5.1 percent in 2019. says the rate will average 4.6 percent and reach 5 percent by year-end.”

Interest rate increase means people will qualify for Less as interest rates rise.


  1. Take it off the market and settle marketing costs. The costs for the marketing expenses have been outlined on this page and = $1,144.33.
  2. Take it off the market and put it back on the market in Early Spring ( I put March 15th as the re-listing date but we can look at what is happening on the market and put it on the market if there is shortage of inventory or demand is increased) You would not have to pay for the marketing costs as it will just transition the next time we list.  We cover these costs as part of our listing services. 
  3. Take it off MLS but Market it as Off Market – this may be a bit limited as it will not be on the MLS or syndicated to other major websites but we can market it to other agents as off market listing/Coming in Spring.

10/25 - Update

10/13 - Update

10/9 - Update

Carry Costs = Mortgage+Property Taxes +HOA+Insurance +Utilities 
Correction on Estimated Net Proceeds: The numbers were reversed on accident. 
Potential Appraisal impact with the homes that have sold in the Neighborhood and on the same street with more square footage and some updates.

What do Appraisers look for when valuing properties: 

9/24 - Update


May Updates

  • check
    5/7 - Staging Consult and Report from Jackie Brannan of Home Transformations LLC - $75
  • check
    PostSign from PostMastersLLC - $50

September Updates

  • check
    9/1 - Client Status Page created and updated
  • check
    9/13 - Meeting with Client
  • 9/15 - 3D Scan, Floor Plans, and Photos created - $648
  • 9/16 - Marketing Questionnaire completed & Received
  • check
    9/17 - Property Site Created with 3D 
  • check
    9/18- Meeting with Jeff & Judy to review Neighbors Open, Write up, Pre-Marketing @ First Watch - Also discussed Zestimate and pricing: 
  • check
    Julie will provide neighborhood infographics and provide other information to be included in the mailers 
  • check
    9/18 - Jeff discussed Title Company sponsorship and materials from Key Title - They will send over materials to include. 
  • check
    9/19 - Ayda sending how to update Zillow Zestimate Video to client
  • check
    9/20 - Discussed Neighbors Open and Timelines - we will hold off on doing Neighbors open until we hear from client
  • check
     9/21 - Created Video Tour of Property. Uploaded to Youtube & Property Website - $150

October Updates

  • check
    10/4 - 15 Brochures ordered from Homevisit - $46
  • 10/5 - Brochures picked up by Jeff. Open house flyer created for Julie. Open house flyer adapted for Zip Your Flyer. Social media posts scheduled for the weekend. 2 Facebook ads scheduled for the weekend - $50
  • check
    10/5 - ZipYourFlyer order placed for Loudoun County & NOVA - $80.33
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    10/8 - Offer Received 
  • check
    10/9 - Discussion with the agent - Video for client created. Discussion on counter offer.
  • check
     10/11 - Discussed marketing strategies to generate some interest and 10/21 Open House
  • check
     10/12 - Updated flyer for Open House
  • check
    10/12 - Created social media posts, boosted 2 posts for $10 each until 10/21 and started a Facebook ad for the property for $25 until 10/21  - $45
  • check
    10/13 - Discussion with Jeff on lack of interest and showings. Created Video update for client. 
  • check
    10/24 - Discussion over market, pricing and marketing strategy with Jeff and Ayda
  • check
    10/25 - Client video & Email to client on price adjustment discussion
  • check
    10/25 - Matterport results as of 10/25: 


  1. Go to
  2. Enter in your Property Address & Submit
  3. Claim the property as yours 
  4. Update missing or wrong info
  5. Submit for Update...

Pre-Marketing Limited due to Client requests/timing. 

Post on TAN - Top Agent Network to reach top 10% of agent before the property goes on the market.  Posted - 9/21

Top Agent Network Post

Social Media 

Post on Coming Soon Properties, Agent share and notification facebook groups

Zillow Coming Soon

Enter the property as coming soon in Zillow to measure interest and start the marketing for the property.  
You must be a Premier Agent to be able to do this. 

Posted 9/21 - Click Here to see the listing
Removed due to agent/ & clients request.

Direct Mail

Mailers with Coming Soon Notification - or Open House etc will be shown here

Neighbor's Open

Invite neighbors to come see the new home. Create invitations/mailers.

MRIS Brokers/Agents

Entered into COMING SOON IN MRIS - for all Agents in VA/MD/DC to see the coming soon property notification. 

Property Marketing Materials

Property Page

Brochures, 3D, Floorplans etc are located on this page - Demographics, hits and views are tracked to measure effectiveness of of different marketing efforts. 

Leesburg VA Homes

Video Walkthrough

Trifold Brochure

Text Code

Code Set up in kvCORE

Text "1613" to (703) 215 - 1475

Floor Plan


Sent to 5,766 agents in Loudoun & Northern Virginia with Zip Your Flyer

Potential Buyers 

Facebook Ad - $25 total until 10.7

Views: 1,889

Clicks: 39

Created for the Open House. Printed in color by Julie.


Facebook Ad - $25 total until 10.7

Views: 1,462

Clicks: 45

Upcoming Open House and Property Ads 

Different styles of ads are being tested to see which brings more response and also to check out the demographics of response. ( Age groups, locations etc) 

BOOSTED $10 until 10.21

Views: 21

Clicks: 5


Views: 2

Facebook Ad - $25 total until 10.21

Views: 1,185

Clicks: 13

BOOSTED $10 until 10.21

Views: 465

Clicks: 19


Utilized different images, mix of video and photos, 3D etc. to see which post creates the best results. Click an icon to view those postings.


OCTOBER 8 - 14

OCTOBER 15 - 21


Open House 10/7 1 - 3PM

Open House 10/21 1-3PM

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