3D Scan Guidelines For Home Sellers | ACE Video and Marketing


Congratulations! Your agent has requested services from Ace Video and Marketing to ensure your listing not only STANDS OUT from the rest but provides the best possible view and information to the interested buyers. Our 3D Scans and photos will help your agent showcase your listing, attracting more views, more interested buyers and more shares on social media. 

In order to ensure this is a fast and smooth experience for all, we ask for your cooperation with getting the best possible 3D Model of your property.
Below you will find an explanation of the process as well as some suggestions that will make this process go smoothly.
 We appreciate your partnerships in this process. 

Ensuring Home is ready for the scan...

Here are some guidelines for getting your home ready for 3D Scan and Photos. 

  • The home should be ready for Pictures and Scanning. 
  • The property should be clean and free from clutter. 
  • These must be enough light in each room or area that will be scanned. If there are not, please add additional lighting prior to 3D Technician and/or Photographer's appointment. 
  • All lights must be turned on and left on during the scan. 
  • As always we ask that you secure and/or removed valuables, hazardous materials and pets. 
  • Everything that is being scanned will be seen. So if you have awards, diplomas, personal pictures etc, you may want to remove them. 
  • We ask that there are no movements on the floors that are being scanned. No doors shut/opened, or items being removed as this will cause issues with the alignment.
  • Please ensure your property is ready for scan by the time our technician arrives. 
Ready to be Scanned Home
Scanning a home

Understanding the Process...

Your scan date should be set. Now you will need to get the home ready for the scan

We utilize Matterport 3D Camera which takes multiple pictures and aligns or "stitches" them together to generate the 3D Model of the home. The camera must be placed in specific locations as to allow for alignments to happen effectively. You will notice the circles on the model. This is where the camera was placed to take the 360 shots. Each shot takes about a minute to complete. The camera takes 6 30 degree shots per  scan. Depending on the size of the home or even the layout, the number of these scans may vary. Some of these scans are as low as 30 or as many as 200. For commercial properties, these numbers will be more. Each of these scans  become steps in the model as the user browses through the home. ( We may disable some scans that may have been used for alignment purposes)  For this reason, we can not have any movement during the scan or things being moved.  All doors, windows, furniture etc must remain as is so as to allow for the camera to align each shot. There will be multiple shots taken. If there is an alignment issue, the technician may have to take additional shots. 

Once all the scans are taken, technician move to the 360 Views.  

Matterport  Camera 1

Your Agent will provide the desired 360 Views for your property. Some of these are views from the property, Outside of the property etc. For Condo common areas, your agent will coordinate for permission from the HOA/Condo complex.

Once all the shots are taken, the model is uploaded to a server for building the final 3D model. This may take several hours to days depending on the size of the model. In some rare cases, models are not able to be generated and may require a second attempt. These are rare but also outlines the importance of getting the property ready for effective scan. 

Length of Scans

Because each property is unique and each order may require additional 360 views, lengths of scans will vary. Some properties may have multiple rooms which make it more time consuming to scan vs an open floorplan which will be easier to scan. The more angles and rooms the property has, the longer the scan may take. Also keep in mind that the larger the home, the more placements we have to make to ensure the 3D model is effectively built. On average you can expect about 1,500 sqft per hour. For 5,000+sqft homes, expect at minimum 3hours of scanning.

If we are also doing Pictures during scanning, please allow additional time for the photography to be completed. 

During the scan

It is ideal not to have people in the home during the scan but if that is not possible, we ask that all occupants of the home be on a different floor away from the technician. Because the camera is sensitive and takes 360 images which need to be aligned effectively, and also because we can't see the 3D model while scanning, if there are reflections of people on mirrors, people walking or in the shots, we have no way to remove them. We also may not notice this until the final 3D Model is created. 

After the Scan

We will email your agent the 3 links for the 3D Scans to be shared with you.