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Real Estate Bloggins Ideas for October 2018

How do you create RELEVANT and Great Local Content that also pertains to what is happening right now and what people are searching for?

Check out the video above for a VERY quick idea on how you can find out what people are searching for and also about what is happening in the market right now. Here are some things to think about when you are creating content:

  • What will impact the Real Estate Market in the upcoming Future? 
  • What are people thinking, hearing and seeing in the Media right now? ( Stock Market Hit - Is it is sign of a Real Estate Bubble Burst starting?)
  • what are they worried about? Mortgage Rates, Impact of it for Buyers, Sellers, Investors and Builders?
  • What is happening in the community, nationally that may potentially impact the real estate market in the upcoming future?
  • Create Market Trend and Summary reports and explain what they mean to the interested Buyers/Sellers.  
  • How is the market going to react to the current interest rate hike by the Feds?
  • How will this impact Mortgages, Housing, House prices, Buyers, Sellers and of course Investors? 
  • Real Estate Market Crash - everyone is talking about it - what are the signs, how can one get ready? Will it actually happen?
FederalInterestRates Hike Again

"Fed officials now expect the US economy to grow by 3.1% this year - faster than the 2.8% forecast in March, according to projections released after the meeting.

Their predictions for inflation remained unchanged at around 2%.

The forecasts show Fed officials expect about three rate rises in 2019 and one more in 2020, which would lift the bank's important federal funds rate to about 3.4% that year.

Higher interest rates make borrowing more expensive, slowing economic activity and curbing price inflation.

There have already been slowdowns some sectors in the US, such as home and car sales, where higher interest rates have led some price-conscious consumers to pull back." 


Remember there is always a market for someone out there.
Also remember that National Rates may not reflect what is happening locally so provide value by offering valuable information to your local communities! 

I hope this helps you with some great Blog ideas for your potential buyers, sellers, investors and builders.