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  •  5/13/19 - Client Update Page Created
  • 5/14/19 - 3D Scan and Photos taken at property
  • 5/15/19 - Photos Edited & sent to Tim
  • 5/15/19 - Floor Plans Created
  • 5/15/19 - Bifold Brochure Created and Printed at Office
  • 5/15/19 - Property Website updated with new photos & 3D Scan
  • 5/16/19 - Added to Zillow
  • 5/17/19 - Property website updated & social media posts created

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Rental Resources

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2019 - Requires VRLTA. See information below.

As a renter in Virginia, you have legal protections under the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (VRLTA) that include the right to:
A fair application fee
A Fair security deposit
A decent and safe place to live
A certain level of security
Be informed of a change in management or ownership, or change of the property for some other use
Be properly notfied before pesticides are applied in your apartment
Be properly notified of a rent increase or decrease in services
A proper eviction notice
Speak out

This act applies to apartments, public housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, Section 8 housing and other federally subsidized housing run by HUD. (Renters in subsidized housing may have certain rights from the VRLTA that HUD doesn't list.)

Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act - Check out all the details about your rights as a renter and your reponsibilities.

Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Handbook - Handbook has been prepared to provide information on the rights, remedies, and responsibilities of landlords and renters concerning the rental process.

Virginia Fair Housing Law Online - Get your questions answered concerning federal Fair Housing Law & Regulations.

Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 - HUD has played a lead role in administering the Fair Housing Act since its adoption in 1968. The 1988 amendments, however, have greatly increased the Department's enforcement role. First, the newly protected classes have proven significant sources of new complaints. Second, HUD's expanded enforcement role took the Department beyond investigation and conciliation into the area of mandatory enforcement.

File a Fair Housing Complaint - Find out if you have been discriminated against  and how to take action.

Protected Classes - Learn which classes are protected and which are not, and how the law protects individuals with disabilities and families with children.