Matterport 3D Scan - HOW IT WORKS | ACE Video and Marketing

How We Work

Strategy Sessions

Let's discover how you can leverage this technology to have better & faster sales!

Quick Strategy session is always recommended but not required. We can review how utilization of 3D Scans as well as other services we provide can help your current real estate marketing.

Creative ways to utilize 3D Scans, Videos, Property Websites and more.  We look at what you are currently utilizing for marketing channels and show you how you can integrate 3D scans and other services to make you & your listings stand out!

Review your systems, websites, social channels to see how easily you can integrate our services such as 3D, 360 Videos and more  to get the maximum results for your business.

We work with your budget. Implement strategies as you grow your business. Implement tracking and analytics to see what channels bring you the best ROI so you can leverage the best channels more effectively. 

3D Matterport Scan

Simply place desired service orders online along with desired dates for scanning.

Please coordinate with your client to ensure the property is ready, pets are put away, all valuables are secured and  access to the property is provided.

Our Professional 3D will arrive to scan your space.

Depending on the size of the property, this may take 1/2 hour per floor or longer. For larger homes and homes with more rooms, scans will take longer.  

We will process your scans and provide you with the embed link and stills within 24-48 hours.

If you have ordered Videos or additional information popups, these will need to be provided ahead of time to ensure everything is provided with the final version. 

Additional Marketing Services will be provided such as floor plans, Facebook  ads, property page etc. 

If you are interested in us helping you with syndicating this listing to your marketing channels or running ads, please let us know.