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How 360 Tours, Video, & Photography Improve Your Property Listing

You may have noticed that 360-degree home tours, videos, & photography add incredibly useful promotional features to Real Estate business as well as wide variety of other businesses. Check out these benefits below:


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    More time viewing your listing
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    Various unique ways to view a property
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    Tour online before you schedule a showing


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    Better Marketing
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    Highlight home features
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    Increase demand
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    Higher and/or faster sales


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    Better exposure for both your listings & brokerage
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    Unique Branding
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    Recruiting benefits

Any way you can market your listings in such a way that makes them stand out, make it easier for potential buyers to view the home in different ways such as doll house, floor plan view and see all the features of the home as if they are walking through the property live, is a great benefit for buyers, investors and out of town or country potential clients. People also spend more time looking at your listing. More eyes on your listings, more branding potential for you, easier sales! As an agent it will differentiate you and your business marketing from the rest. Not only can you do 360 Tours with service providers that utilize Matterport Camera but now you can also offer 360 Videos and 360 Photos. 360 Videos can be integrated as outside views for properties. 

1) Win More Listings For Your Business

Winning more listings can be easier with the unique and Effective marketing methods you can demonstrate to your potential clients. More views, more demand and faster sales are all desired when it comes to selling properties. 360 marketing can prove to be incredibly successful in real estate listings. While Google Maps doesn't allow for real estate map listings of residential homes, it is a great marketing tool for the following:







In the modern digital age, relying on your real estate listings to work on their own is unrealistic, expecting buyers and sellers to select an agent that doesn't offer leading edge marketing which will showcase their home in a way that will bring in more potential buyers, increased demand & interest is a must in today's marketing landscape - if you want to stand out, get more listings, sell easier and brand yourself! 

2) Stand Out From the Competition

360 is still a relatively new asset. Utilizing this great technology can boost your property listings offering a unique view of a home, commercial space, or business. Buyers are always looking for more information. 360 Video and 3D tours can give buyers an immersive experience right from their own home.

3) Utilize New Marketing Channels

360 Videos and 3D tours are the future of real estate marketing. Staying up-to-date on new technology will not only show you are a professional in your field, but a tech-savvy marketer as well.

4) Attract Buyers Who May Not Have Been Interested

When it comes to real estate listings, you have a small amount of information and a limited number of promotional tools to work with. You have the written description, details, and whatever photographs that are available of the property to work with. Working within those parameters, you are likely to appeal to people looking for a home or a property that fits those particular specifications, but beyond that, the likelihood of reaching anyone else is rather low. With 360-degree photography, however, you increase the chances of reaching people who may not have been interested in the property by virtue of being able to take a virtual tour of the property. While there's nothing that can replace an actual in-person tour of a property, 360-degree photography is truly the next best thing. Furthermore, if your listings feature 360-degree photos of homes or apartment units, if someone checks out one listing, they are more likely to spend more time on your site looking through more.

5) Something to Look Forward To

Selling a home to a potential buyer is incredibly easy if you know that the person or persons are already interested in the property itself. Whether they've seen the property from the outside in-person or viewed the listing online, if a property appeals to a potential buyer or tenant, as a real estate agent or property manager, you have less to do in terms of selling them on the property. If you want to increase your customers’ level of interest and enthusiasm for your properties, 360-degree photography is just the tool to help you achieve this. If photos and descriptions were enough to peak a potential buyer’s interest, 360-degree photos will allow them to see the property more closely. These three tools together can provide you with an overall increase in property interest as you are giving your clients more details on your properties.

6) Easily Shareable

While listings by nature are easy to share, you are only limited to whatever content that your listings contain. As mentioned earlier, this usually means a written description of the property and whatever photos you have available of it. With links being easily shareable via email, mobile and social media, this incredible promotional tool can make your real estate listings viewable with just the click of a button. Send listings of a variety of properties to potential buyers and let them tour the spaces from the convenience of their tablet, laptop or mobile phone. 360-degree photography will help your real estate listings get maximum exposure and reach the largest amount of potential buyers.