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The Benefits of 360 Video

The newest trends in Online Video and Photography is the 360-degree video & photography. It is relatively new but highly effective promotional tool. Many business owners are still somewhat uncertain as to how using it can help their business. How can 360-degree Video and Photography  benefit your business? Let's get started.

1) Google Support - Rankings!

It wouldn’t be a trends unless big giants are supporting and promoting the newest way to find and see things. Google & street view are now supporting 360 Views! Think about what a great integration this is for Google. They don't have to do the work and only need to connect with the providers who want to service their clients. Once connected, you can see the 360 tours of businesses, buildings–both inside and out. Plus if you get in on the 360 earlier, you may rank much better in the search engines. 

2) Branding & Editing in a Whole New Way

More and More cameras and integrations are being released. You may have noticed that more 360 cameras are hitting the market and prices are dropping while quality is increasing. Our first camera was $500 and now you can buy a very similar one, maybe a better one at 1/5 the price. This is important because you want to be able to edit and add your branding and information to the content you are putting out into the world. You can now add in your "Branding” to ensure you want your message to be consistent throughout your Online Presence. 

3) Stand Out From the Competition

People buy from people they trust, like and respect. Being on leading edge with marketing doesn't hurt either! While your competition is not aware of this technology yet, you can integrate these features into all of your marketing, giving you an edge and a way to stand out from the competition. 

4) Show Off Your Professionalism to Potential Hires

Much like how you want to give your potential customers or clients a better idea of what your business is like in person, you also want to do the same for potential employees. When looking into businesses that we may be interested in working at, sometimes the amount of information that's available is limited. All times, aside from whatever limited resources that we can find online, the only things that we can base our opinion of an employer on is whatever they choose to share with the rest of the world. While your website can do a great job of showing how you are as an employer, there aren't too many ways that you can show potential hires what your facilities are like. By offering unique views into your business, you can give future employees a better idea of what it's like to work at your business, giving them a near in-person look at your facilities.

5) Show Off Your Facilities to Potential Clients

Whether you're running a restaurant, bed and breakfast, dentist's office or otherwise, getting customers or clients in the door is key. Even once you've built up a sizable client base, your goal is to have your client base keep growing. Word of mouth andreviews are all great ways to attract new clients to your business, but being able to give them a closer look into what your business is like on the inside can be equally as effective. You can also integrate Video and highlight the process of what it would be like to have a NEW CLIENT come in through the door and EXPERIENCE your business offerings and what it's like to actually be at your business. Being able to see the professionalism and attractive nature of your facilities could very easily be the deciding factor for some clients, the thing that made them want to come and check out your business that they've been hearing so much about. Wouldn't you want a way to attract NEW CLIENTS 24x7 everyday?

6) Get a Head Start on Modern Marketing

While 360-degree photography is a great way to promote your business by giving potential customers or clients a fully interactive window into your business, it's also a relatively new service that many of your competitors have yet to adopt. By promoting your business with 360-degree video & photography, you will show your potential customers or clients that your business is on the cutting edge, adopting new and exciting techniques to promote your business. These are just a few examples of how 360 video & photography can help your business, branding and marketing. We utilize different solutions and can talk to you about how we can help you grow your business further. To learn more, contact us today.