Matterport 3D Scan - WHAT YOU GET | ACE Video and Marketing

What You Get

3D ACE Showcase

With ACE 3D tours, immerse yourself in a space like never feels like you are actually there!  Users can explore an entire space in a revolutionary way: from traversing stairs to using a virtual elevator to move around floors.

Dollhouse View

See how a space fits together allowing viewers to peel back floors one-by-one to see how different levels fit together in three dimensions.   Rotate the model in all directions to observe unobstructed views of all levels.

Floor Plan View

Understand the layout at a glance floor by floor with a top down view.  Jump into any room with a simple click and enter a 3D immersive experience.  Toggle between the 3D showcase, floor plan and dollhouse views.


Orchestrate a narrative to your clients as if you were walking them through the space personally. ACE tags are a powerful tool providing context to specific locations, objects and features by anchoring text, audio, or multimedia links in your showcase.

Floor Plan Schematics

Professional black and white floor plans can be generated directly from your scan.  As an option, we deliver schematics (PDF & PNG formats) to include in your portfolio, assist with the design process or reduce return visits.

Still Photography

Capture stunning HDR interior and exterior still photography for use in online and print marketing.  This option combines the traditional approach with the latest cutting-edge 3D immersive showcase.